A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A tale of ordinary objects that are really charged up about treasure on a mountaintop. A 2-player local multiplayer game dreamed up and created on Train Jam 2018.

Full game will feature a journey up the mountain to the treasure that awaits.

Team 2x4 Members:
Wilson Wong, Reuben Brenner-Adams, Robbie Bangart, Matt Williams, Dan Gonyea, Seth Berrier, Michael Fisher

Install instructions

  • On Windows: Unzip folder, launch TTWU.exe
  • On Mac: Unzip the app and copy it to your Applications folder.


take-this-with-you-win-64.zip 452 MB
Version 1 Mar 30, 2018
take-this-with-you-osx.zip 217 MB
Version 1 Mar 29, 2018

Development log

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