New update - End game scene, bug fixes!

Hey everyone, we're settling back into our normal lives after the Train Jam and GDC18, but alas, the work continues! We've been taking a little time here and there, and we have some updates for you.

- Totally rewrote the Player Selection experience so you hopefully will be a donut when you choose a donut.... instead of being a toilet.
- Updated the background music logic so it'll stop when you pause the game.... just so you don't miss a single note.
- Added a whole new end scene to the game wired up to music and everything! You'll see it after round 3, and it's eye-opening.
- Yes, right now winner of round 3 takes home the chicken dinner. Maybe that'll change in the future. Not sure if we like it or not yet.

Some more tweaks coming soon so stay tuned! I'm hoping to get in some gamepad support so I can destroy my Xbox controllers as much as I've destroyed my keyboard testing this game. Until next time!

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Mar 28, 2018
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Mar 28, 2018

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