11/13 - Minor patch for Main Menu

Hey folks, we're fresh out of the Seattle Indies Game Jam for 2019, got a tiny bit of rest, and are back to our day jobs. However, we do have some tweaks here and there we may do over the coming days just to get this to a point where we want to demo it to friends and have it be less frustrating.

First update from 11/13:

  • Music updates from Travis
  • Swapped out the input system on the main menu so it should work for controller or keyboard now.
    • NOTE, known issue: Don't combine keyboard and controller usage at the same time. It doesn't like it.
  • Made some changes so hopefully tabbing in/out of the game's main menu will maintain selection on the button you were on before.

Also note for an undocumented "feature" - pressing the escape key or the "Menu" / "Start" whatever the heck your controller calls it button will bring you back to the main screen so you can start over. There's no "Pause" currently, but we'll probably add that soon.

Cheers, and happy stabbing!


WatchOutBigKnife-Build_11132019.zip 29 MB
Nov 13, 2019

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