A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for Train Jam 2019

In this demo, you witness the riveting moments before boarding the TrainJam (trainjam.com). If you do nothing.... everyone will just be in an okay mood. But want to kick off the jam and go off the rails? Give the people what they want! They're hungry for an apple? Get 'em an apple! Need some wine? Full steam ahead to a glass of Merlot. Conduct yourself with the best or worst intentions and track what happens next.

Team Members:
Seth Berrier, Dan Gonyea, Kristin Van Deusen, Andrew Van Deusen, Sullivan Schattie, David Frasheski, Joey Kozitza


overbooked-win.zip 32 MB
Version 1 Mar 20, 2019
Overbooked-MacOS.zip 30 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download zip file for your platform
  2. Unzip file
  3. Run TJ19.exe or Overbooked.app